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Ufish for Indesign®:
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Ufish is a new generation database, focused on speeding up your design workflow. Ufish gathers previews of your Indesign® files and helps you organize, search, tag and share. With Ufish, you will find those lost files you needed yesterday. Also, with Ufish, there's no need for configuring. Do you find databases very fishy?

Ufish is a new way of working. Catch it.

Why is it for you?

1. Finds all your Indesign® files in available drives.
2. Hosts previews of those files, so that you can pick them visually.
3. Displays them, all in one place.
4. Uses character-recognition, to find extra content.
5. Tracks the files as you type.
6. Builds and slideshows a fast portfolio of your mac files.
7. Shares your favorite files via Facebook, iPad and iPhone (soon).
8. Allows a new workflow.

A fast catch
for your Portfolio.

If you're a freelance designer or a student you must try Ufish. With Ufish, you can start to build your Portfolio very fast. Ufish is not a DAM (Digital Asset Management) software. We've developed a zero-configuration app, so that you can skip the bad parts and just use it. Ufish catches and slideshows your work. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you will be able to sync your work to the cloud with the touch of one button, using the Ufish App (soon) — a fast and easy way to show off your portfolio.

Ready to go.

Get ready with Ufish. The moment you install Ufish, it will detect all your Indesign® files and store previews safely, like a visual portfolio. There is nothing to configure, unlike other database systems. Ufish stands for “File Information System Host”. Ufish also uses OCR tech, so that you can find information within your files. Give it a try and learn the many uses for Ufish.

Manager seat.

Ufish works without Indesign®. This means you can simply install it to manage files from others, wheareas you are a designer or not. Also, Ufish catches older files. A fast algorithm scans and stores all the info it needs and makes it available in your search. And you can be in sync with your sales team, or maybe have an up-to-date portfolio to show your clients. Ufish indexes external drives and dvds. Get it all in one place and get to know what's on those old files.


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